Upskill To Meet Industry Demand In Cyber Security And Artificial Intelligence

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By Deakin University

Throughout history, advances in technology have changed the way we work. Over recent decades the Information Technology sector has evolved along with new technology, creating exciting new fields of specialisation within this ever-growing industry. This also offers information technology professionals exciting opportunities to increase their skills and enhance their qualifications, to take advantage of emerging career paths.

So what IT skills are experiencing the most demand today?

Artificial Intelligence: Reinventing Existing Jobs And Creating New Ones

The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming industries around the world. It allows us to use the power of machines to implement intelligent automation and eliminate time consuming manual processes. As Artificial Intelligence applications become more common and reach into new areas, the AI industry is experiencing enormous growth. A Burning Glass review of job listings found that jobs requesting AI skills have grown five-fold since 2013, and are in demand across nearly every industry. A career in AI offers incredible opportunities for talented professionals – in Australia, the average salary for artificial intelligence related roles is AU$110,425.

Cyber security: Big Data And Big Risks Driving Demand For Cyber Security Professionals

As technology and digital platforms have become so central to our lives and global business, concerns about cyber crime and data security have also grown. Now it is more important than ever that the data and systems providing digital services are safeguarded by ethical and skilled cyber security professionals. A global cyber security skills shortage means that qualified professionals are enjoying incredible job opportunities and high salaries. In fact, a Burning Glass review found the demand for cyber security jobs has increased by 300% compared to the overall IT job market in recent years.

Deakin University Excellence In Information Technology

Deakin University, Australia offers a world-class education across a range of information technology disciplines – including dedicated postgraduate degrees in cyber security and artificial intelligence.  

Curriculum at Deakin is guided by IT representatives from leading corporations and government, which keeps courses relevant to industry needs. This is essential in a sector where change is constant. Deakin is also a leader in IT research, home to the Applied Artificial Intelligence Institute (A2I2) and the innovative Centre for Cyber Security Research and Innovation (CSRI). Insights from Deakin research feeds into the classroom, to ensure you will be learning at the cutting edge of industry capabilities and expectations.

At Deakin, students learn by doing, not just through lectures. Build practical skills in the latest technology using the University’s world-class facilities, including the Robotics and Internet of Things (RIOT) lab and new Capstone DISCovery Lab. Plus, industry work placements are embedded in Deakin’s degrees, so students can build their skills and professional networks in actual workplaces.

Take Your Career To The Next Level With Deakin University

If you want to take advantage of growing demand in these exciting industries, Deakin University’s School of Information Technology has a degree to help you achieve your goals. Discover Deakin’s range of postgraduate Information Technology degrees on our website.


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